From a beach overrun with predatory sharks to the most undesirable and toxic beach in all of Europe – here are ten of the most dangerous and vile beaches on the planet!

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10: Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation is one of the most volatile beaches in the entire world. It’s located in north Queensland, Australia, and is quite beautiful at first glance with its ancient rainforest and mangroves. However, almost everything at Cape Tribulation is out to kill you! The plants, wildlife, and even the water are all highly dangerous, making this one of the worst places to go swimming.

9: New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach is known by some as the shark bite capital of the world. And according to lifeguard Captain Scott Petersohn, it really does live up to its reputation. In an interview with Petersohn, he claims that just recently there were at least three attacks in two days, and before that the beach saw two attacks within just fifteen minutes of one another. This area is notorious for shark activity, with up to 24 shark attacks happening in a single year.

8: The Skeleton Coast
There are an estimated 500 ships scattered up and down the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, which is basically one of the longest stretches of beach in the world, where the Namibian desert meets the rioting waves of the sea. This beach isn’t necessarily dangerous to swim at – unless of course you accidentally cut your leg on a lost piece of scrap metal from a destroyed ship.

7: Fraser Island
Fraser Island looks like a utopia on the outside, but it’s actually rife with dangers. Even though the island has pristine beaches, lush coastal bushlands, and rolling sand dunes, it has some of the most treacherous water in the world. The riptides at Fraser Island are insane and cause deadly swimming conditions.

6: Hanakapiai Beach
Hanakapiai Beach is located on the island of Kauai, on the Na Pali Coast. It’s about 2 miles (3km) of pure danger. It has a high surf, violent shore breaks, and powerful rip currents that have swept many unsuspecting visitors to their death. One of the biggest issues at this beach is that you might not even see the currents before you’re already being dragged away.

5: Boa Viagem Beach
The Boa Viagem urban beach is located in the Brazilian city of Recife, which just so happens to be the city in Brazil with the most shark attacks. It’s far out into the Atlantic, at the eastern edge of the New World. It’s actually closer to Africa than it is to the Western border of Brazil! It’s no surprise that at the eastern point of the country, a lot of sharks gather as they swim south from the Caribbean Sea.

4: Hawaii’s New Beach
The beaches of Hawaii can be an extremely dangerous place, especially when you consider a volcano can erupt at any minute and turn your beach holiday into an apocalypse of fire and lava. When the Kilauea Volcano erupted back in May of 2018, it devastated a massive part of Hawaii’s biggest island.

3: Da Loc Beach
At Da Loc Beach in Vietnam, you’ll find more trash and plastic than sand. This is one of the most disgusting and stinky beaches in the entire world, littered with plastic bottles, bags, furniture, and even some lovely plastic mannequin legs.

2: Staithes Beach
Staithes Beach in the United Kingdom has been voted the worst beach in Europe, and for good reason. According to the Surfers Against Sewage, Staithes Beach has the worst bathing water quality in the whole of Europe, with swimmers at risk of acute diarrhea, e coli poisoning, meningitis, respiratory disease, rashes, hepatitis A, semolina infection, and even rashes.

1: Playa Zipolite
Playa Zipolite translates from the ancient Zapotec language to mean ‘Beach of the Dead.’ And yeah, this makes sense considering how insanely dangerous swimming at this beach can be. Even though it was the first legal public nude beach in Mexico and was a popular destination for the hippies of the 1970s, there is no denying how dangerous the underwater currents are just off the shore.

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10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

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