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world famous Beach in Sydney Australia( Bondi beach)

By BondiTv | 07/12/2017

Bondi is one of the world’s great beaches: ocean and land collide, the Pacific arrives in great foaming swells, and all people are equal, as democratic as sand. It’s the closest ocean beach to the city centre (8km away), has consistently good (though crowded) waves, and is great for a rough-and-tumble swim (the average water…

Surf Lesson – McNamara Experiences | The McNamara Surf Trip (Legendas PT)

By BondiTv | 27/11/2014

Pawel Torbus, winner of one of the McNamara Experiences, experiencing a surf lesson with McNamara himself. “It’s insane how many different waves you can find in Portugal. It’s so amazing to experience the portuguese summer, it’s like a never ending summer! C’mon, it’s October, it’s 30C outside, and even in my 3/2mm wetsuit I am…