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Bondi 1960s Charles “Bill” Moseley

By BondiTv | 04/01/2011 | 2 Comments

Views 2964 likes Dislikes Bondi 1960s Charles “Bill” Moseley A collage of 1960s footage shot by local artist and photographer Bill Moseley in and around the surf at Bondi Beach, Sydney, courtesy of his daughter Marilyn Moseley.

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Beachobatics at Bondi Beach – Sydney in the 1930s

By BondiTv | 09/06/2011 | 0 Comments

Views 4006 likes Dislikes Beachobatics at Bondi Beach – Sydney in the 1930s Photographs by George Caddy, hundreds of which were found in 2007, giving insight into Sydney beach culture and urban life ca. 1930s. Song is Bye Bye Pride by the Go-Betweens, from their 1987 album Tallulah.

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45-Tonne Whale Breaches Close To Bondi Beach

By BondiTv | 10/07/2017 | 1 Comment

Views 3103 likes Dislikes 45-Tonne Whale Breaches Close To Bondi Beach Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1m6su5O An expat captured the unbelievable moment a 45-tonne whale jumped out of the water just 800 metres from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Snapper John Goodridge could not believe his luck when he caught the huge humpback whale breaching directly in front…

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Road Trip To Bondi Beach Sydney

By BondiTv | 03/10/2006 | 10 Comments

Views 15372 likes 4 Dislikes 4 Road Trip To Bondi Beach Sydney Have you noticed any traffic stoplights along the route? There’s none!…at least not until you get to Bondi Beach. That’s what’s great about this road. You can skateboard for 5 kilometers without stopping…and it’s all downhill.

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Bondi Beach Life Savers (1932)

By BondiTv | 01/11/2011 | 1 Comment

Views 1113 likes Dislikes Bondi Beach Life Savers (1932) This is part of a short film about Bondi Beach made in 1932. Surf Lifesavers demonstrate surf rescue and resuscitation techniques. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,…

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The Biggest English Lesson in the World

By BondiTv | 19/04/2016 | 0 Comments

We had the pleasure of taking part in and sponsor the Biggest English Lesson in the world. It happen on the 12th February at the iconic Bondi Beach. More than 3000 international students gathered to take an English lesson taught by different teachers from English language colleges from around Sydney. There were students from over…

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Prince Charles Visits Bondi Beach (1966)

By BondiTv | 13/04/2014 | 0 Comments

Views 662 likes 0 Dislikes 0 Prince Charles Visits Bondi Beach (1966) Prince Charles the Duke of Edinburgh arrives at Bondi Beach, Australia and meets a Guard of Honour of Lifesavers. Click here for more videos about Prince Charles: Date found in the old record – 05/06/1966. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at:…

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Surf Race Bondi 1938

By BondiTv | 03/05/2016 | 1 Comment

Views 1864 likes 0 Dislikes 0 Surf Race Bondi 1938 Rare video: Surf Race at Bondi in 1938!

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Scuba divers rush to coverage after playful seal is improper as shark at Bondi Beach

By BondiTv | 18/02/2016 | 1 Comment

Views 2146 likes 7 Dislikes 7 Scuba divers rush to safety after playful seal is mistaken as shark at Bondi Beach Two divers from New York who were diving at Bondi Beach, sparked an emergency rescue after they believed they encountered a shark. Westpac lifesaver helicopter and the ambulance helicopter were tasked to the area,…

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Bondi, 1919

By BondiTv | 18/10/2011 | 3 Comments

Views 609 likes Dislikes Bondi, 1919 Old footage of Bondi viewed from Dover Heights panning from Ben Buckler to Rose Bay. http://www.bondistories.com

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