Beautiful Bondi, 1926

An early silent documentary appearing the points of interest of Bondi Beach and the encircling Waverley house. Beaches come with Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama. Surfing, swimming, sunbaking, lifestyles savers, all of the oceanfront actions and contours which can be observed on those seashores nowadays had been simply as widespread within the 1920s. Hotels and condominium traits are observed beneath building, lots of which stay as Bondi heritage nowadays.
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33 thoughts on “Beautiful Bondi, 1926

    1. +gpet 72 : Major Wurries for Aussie Blokes in 1926-
      1) Is the beer cold enough?
      2) Have I got enough ciggies?
      3) Is that sheila gonna go to the movies with me?
      4) Can I still surf tomorrow with my hangover?
      5) Are the waves gonna be good tomorrow?
      6) Can we beat the Pommy cricket team and bring back the Ashes? (Unfortunately no, England won by 289 runs).

  1. Things I observed:
    2:41 These people could blend right in today, compared to fashion in the 1970’s.
    3:27 and 4:13 Those blokes in their briefs over their bathing suites. Excellent!
    It’s good to see people dressed to their best. No tattoos and piercings back then.

  2. Amazingly, 90 years later, the method of construction shown at the 12:36 mark, of Mr Shaw’s International Hotel is still in use today in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The wooden shuttering for the reinforced concrete pour (by hand held buckets), mild steel rods for reinforcement, wooden formwork & scaffolding, columns and horizontal beams with brick infill, all regularly used, even to the extent of having eucalyptus poles grown locally for such temporary structures for the concrete pour.

  3. Wow what a fantastic video! So refreshing after all the photos from around that era when no one smiled in photos. Hard to believe all those people, so full of life are now mostly long gone. Thank you for posting this, NFSA.

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