Sea Snake | Bondi Rescue S6


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Your favourite lifeguards are back!
Bondi Rescue’s seven-time Logie winning lifeguards return to TEN 8pm Mondays!

Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi dishes up.

Bondi Rescue has attracted huge international interest and is distributed worldwide – US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and New Zealand – just to name a few. There is no doubt, Bondi Rescue embodies the Australian larrikin spirit, while celebrating the sheer sportsmanship and professionalism of the lifeguards — those unsung heroes of our best asset – the beach.


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Sea Snake | Bondi Rescue S6

445 thoughts on “Sea Snake | Bondi Rescue S6

  1. 0:37 “Hey Buddy There’s a snake right there! A sea snake”
    Well that’s something I hope to never get told while enjoying my time swimming if I don’t want to have a cardiac arrest…

  2. Lol that surfer who was like “it’s a bit freaky but you know it’s Bondi” was so classic. That is literally every Australians way of answering to tourist who think Australia is deadly – u know it’s straya

  3. That snake is unconscious n tired kind from warm waters of NT Aus sea to sent to SH Aus seas by sea current though venemouse animals has strength limitaions too..

  4. I can tell a quick trick to catch a snake in water without getting Biten , snakes in water can’t open mouth so I have excperience on my Swimin life on my Country lakes , there is one great and good chance to jump or swim over the snake where you make sure is under water , than you can grab him on the head , and make sure is in distance of you skin or body , so i am so sorry for my English but i try my best to explane something usefull on RealLife Data.

  5. I am with Chappo I HATE snakes but I had to pick it up!!!! It was a baby Gardner snake and it was in the girls bathroom at my summer camp.

  6. Instead of recalling it back into the wild u could have took the snake to a place where people extract the venom and turn it into anti-venom just in case if someone gets bit by it

  7. Its in da container and the guy gets asked to go on that side and he says “bruh i aint goin on dat side” and i would be like “yes im gonna go to dat side”

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