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Whale Of A Day

This time lapse video by Keith Loutit http://keithloutit.com/ featuring music by Headstrong http://www.headstrong-hq.com/ and Shelley Harland http://www.myspace.com/shelleyharland shows Greenpeace activists and sand sculptors ‘put whaling on trial’ as they build a giant 17 metre sand sculpture of a fin whale on Bondi Beach, Sydney. The symbolic action sends a message to the Japanese Government to end its controversial whaling program and drop the charges against two Greenpeace activists who exposed corruption in the whaling industry.


3 thoughts on “Whale Of A Day

  1. Only one comment ? It seems that too many people strictly don’y care about end of whales … What a shame because to day it’s the whales but what will be to morrow ?

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