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Sydney – 23 March 2016
1. Pan across Bondi beach
2. Various of asylum seekers putting on wetsuits inside Let’s Go Surfing shop
3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Brenda Miley, Let’s Go Surfing surf school director:
“We know that getting into the ocean and surfing makes everybody feel good. So I wanted to do something that would help them feel good about themselves, but also it’s a quintessential Australian pastime to get out and surf on Bondi beach. So I just think it’s a win-win because it helps build confidence, they learn some skills, they learn about being a local Aussie.”
4. Various of surf instructors Conrad Pattinson (long hair) and Will Bigelow (short hair) briefing asylum seekers on the beach and drawing on the sand, UPSOUND: (English) Will Bigelow:
“We’re going to be standing out on what we call a sand bank where it’s nice and shallow. The waves are going to be pushing in.”
5. Various of surf instructors showing asylum seekers how to climb onto and stand up on surfboards on the beach
6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Shipton, Settlement Services International:
“We just found that once we just encouraged people and got them in and gave them that safe space to be in the water, that very quickly those worries about anything that had to do with the water, that just disappeared. And it’s now to the stage where they’re like, ‘Let’s go to the beach, we want to go surfing, let’s do it more!'”
7. Various of two asylum seekers from Sri Lanka carrying surf boards into the water
8. Various of asylum seekers learning to surf, trying to stand up, and falling into the ocean
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Amin (no surname given), asylum seeker from Iran:
“Really my first experience, time in a boat, when I came (to Australia), and I got (sea) sick that time, and I just my head, I put it down because if I put my head up I felt very bad and very sick. All that time, 28 hours, my head was down. Very bad experience, really. But I got to Australia, it’s my country here.”
10. Mid of Amin learning to surf
11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Amin (no surname given), asylum seeker from Iran:
“It (the boat journey to Australia) was very scary but I never think about that because I took a chance in my life, I had to win or lose my life. I didn’t lose, I win, because I was stronger than the ocean.”
12. Various of asylum seekers learning to surf, trying to stand up and falling into the ocean
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Shipton, Settlement Services International:
“They formed a strong friendship with one another, and so rather than being isolated and, again, sitting on their own, they’re spending time with these guys outside of the surfing, and the other friends that they’re making at the beach and other friends through the surfing school. So they’re branching outside of their normal group of friends as well, people from the same background as them, but also just building relationships all over the place, which is great.”
14. Mid of lifeguard watching surfers
15. Wide of asylum seeker Kumar surfing to shore
16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kumar (no surname given), asylum seeker from Sri Lanka:
“Yes there are so many bad memories (of the boat journey to Australia), of people missing and some people dying and everything. It was so bad, kind of scary, too much rough seas and everything. But I’m here now, happy and protected and everything, I’m happy.”
17. Surfers and instructors gathering after lesson, UPSOUND (English) Will Bigelow, surf instructor:
18. Pan across asylum seekers standing with surf boards

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Surfing off Bondi Beach aimed at helping asylum seekers

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