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People across the country have spent today paying tribute to Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister, Bob Hawke who died overnight.

He played a really important role in Australia’s history and a lot of the initiatives he brought in are still around today.

Bob Hawke was in charge of the country from 1983 to 1991 making him the longest-serving Labor Prime Minister.

While he was in the job he made some big changes to the way Australia traded and the way the economy worked.

He introduced Medicare which gives Aussies free or subsidized health care, changed Australia’s National Anthem to Advance Australia Fair and blocked controversial plans to build a dam in Tasmania’s Franklin River.

He was known for being bit of a joker and often told journalists exactly what he thought.

Today, Aussies remembered Bob Hawke and what he did for the country, including school kids from his hometown of Bordertown in South Australia.

When he was asked how he’d like to be remembered he said as a man who, loved his country and its people.


The federal election is finally here! Tomorrow 16 million Aussies will decide who will lead this country.

But who’s in the running?

Well the two major parties are the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Coalition.

They’re led by Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison who’s been the Prime Minister since August last year.

Then you’ve also got a bunch of minor parties like the Greens, One Nation and the Centre Alliance.

Members of all these and more have spent the past few weeks working tirelessly to grab votes.

They’ve put on their fanciest clothes, showed off their sporting prowess and even done a spot of babysitting!

That’s resulted in some… well… kind of cringy moments.

In a few days we’ll know who’ll be leading the country and that means we can… thankfully… say goodbye to stuff like this for another three years.


If you’re booting up Minecraft today make sure to sing a quick happy birthday because it’s just turned 10!

The game was officially launched on this date way back in 2009… and let’s just say it became a pretty big deal!

It’s the second highest selling game of all time, one of the top streamed games on YouTube and it has around 90 million active players!

To celebrate the occasion, Minecraft released a new map for gamers which is kind of like a theme park with rides puzzles and museums containing some of the game’s history.


If I had 132 million dollars I probably wouldn’t spend it on this.

It’s a 1 metre tall steel cast of an inflatable rabbit.

It’s by American artist Jeff Koons and it’s just broken the record for the world’s most expensive sculpture made by an artist that’s still alive.


Why would you rig a national singing competition… for kids?

That’s what people in Russia are wondering after news that the final round of Russia’s version of The Voice Kids may have been a stitch up!

Mikella won after receiving way more votes than anyone else in the comp but an investigation… yes there’s been an investigation… found that bots might’ve been used to send thousands of automated text votes from the so-called public.


And check out this amazing bunch of creatures just living their best life.

They’re Cownose Rays and they were spotted swimming together off the coast of Bondi.

While we know this kind of ray migrates from the waters around Mexico and the Caribbean to northern Australia experts say they don’t usually come this far South!

Eh! Maybe they just wanted a change of scenery.


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