Fit Chicks of Bondi – Pull Up Comp @ Bondi Beach Bar Brutes

The Second Series is released!! Fit Chicks of Bondi Part I.

Thanks for all the views! This Channel promotes a healthy & active lifestyle. The more fans, followers and shares we have, the more videos we’ll produce!

We now have a new Outdoor Gym here in Bondi! Its beautiful, a masterpiece of an outdoor fitness station which we were heavily involved in designing it. You can see it in some of our newer videos on the fitBUDDS channel as well as some of the amazing athletes who use it!

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Fit Chicks of Bondi – Pull Up Comp @ Bondi Beach Bar Brutes

46 thoughts on “Fit Chicks of Bondi – Pull Up Comp @ Bondi Beach Bar Brutes

  1. Half the pullups DO NOT qualify as U S Marine Corps DEAD HANG pull ups! Not fiction but fact from Capt Clark’s Almanac, USMC retired at 54 and can still do 20 DEAD HANG PULL-UPS!

    1. +Craig W For women 8 pull ups is a big deal actually. I’m not saying that they can’t do more but they are not build with that upperbody strength like men. So RESPECT!

    1. they said that chin ups and pull ups were different competitions and nobody really gives a crap how you do the chin up just get your chin over the bar, yeah its bad form but its still a pull up/chin up if you go from a dead hang to a chin over bar

  2. Glad to see you guys are expanding the positivity down there. Love seeing the the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Good on everyone for getting out there and sharing what you can do. Better than typing away behind the computer 😉

  3. In general, even fit women don’t work hard enough throughout their lives lifting heavy objects. They’re not expected to and they let others do it even if they have the chance. Buy a fridge at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and chances are, a female employee isn’t going to volunteer to help you load it into your truck. It’s not because they can’t develop muscle. A woman’s legs are just as strong as a man’s, because those legs have been holding up a lot of weight for decades. The same is not true for a woman’s arms and back. How many women do you ever see working for a moving company? It takes years to develop those muscle fibers. If women worked their arms and backs as hard as women marathoners work their legs and stamina, you’d see more women with better form on these upper body exercises.

  4. Lets get something straight… HANDS/PALMS AWAY from your face is called: A PULLUP!!! HANDS/PALMS TOWARDS the face is called: A CHINUP!!!
    They are NOT THE SAME!!! CHINUPS are much easier… If I have to further explain why? Then, you should just stop working out…

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