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Danger Rip Current: Instructional Guide

Footage used on The Weather Channels show, So You Think You can Survive? Sunday Aug 17 2014
Rip Currents are one of the leading causes for deaths related to swimming in the ocean at the beach. Here is a basic look at what and what not to do when you are caught in a rip current.
To minimize any accidents at the beach, the public should go to Lifeguard Operated beaches only!



Danger Rip Current: Instructional Guide

1,693 thoughts on “Danger Rip Current: Instructional Guide

  1. Last year I was swimming further and further off shore just for fun. When I turned back, I realized that I’ve gone quite far out, so I started swimming back but I wasn’t making any progress. In fact, the distance between the shore and I was increasing. At the time, I had no idea what rip currents were, so I started swimming even fast. It took me a good 10 minutes just to swim back and at the end, I was exhausted.

    1. rip current can take you 100 yards away from shore in just seconds and second thing is human strength is not sufficient to swim against rip current no matter how proffessional you are you can’t make inch progress against rips. if one tries he gets exhausted and loses all his energy. after all Phelps is also a human he is not a fish.only fish can swim against them.

  2. Came here to understand what happened to me years ago. At that time I was around 5′ tall, not very strong, and I was wake boarding in Cali. I got caught in a riptide and I cannot believe how similar it felt to the bottom 1st person video from this guy! It was a very scary experience, but what baffles me is how I got saved. I was screaming in the water due to my lack of knowledge of what was going on, and my friend jumped in and swam both me and his ass BACK TO SHORE THROUGH THE RIPTIDE. It was actually insane to comprehend, it is even now to this day. I wish I would have seen this before I went to Cali. The waves are so big when you get caught out there that it becomes a very scary experience.

  3. A group of kids from my church were on a mission trip in Costa Rica and when they were at the beach, two girls got caught in a rip current and had to be taken to the hospital. There was only one lifeguard, and the other kids there basically saved their lives (along with the help of the lifeguard) and from the story they told, it sounded traumatizing. Every one of them, the kids who saved them and the girls who got swept out in the first place, said that they thought they were gonna die. By some miracle of God though, they ended up safe and only stayed one night in the hospital. You never think these things will be that bad until you actually experience one for yourself, is what I’ve figured. However, some good came out of it as a couple of girls that they had ministered to decided that they wanted to learn more about Jesus after learning that everyone had survived, because they saw it as a miracle as well. Out of the 5 or 6 people caught in the current in total, all came back alive, and with little to no injury, which is amazing.

  4. thank you for saving my life man in our country there are no life guards and safety measures once if we get caught in rip without proper knowledge that’s the end of your life.this is the best instructional video I found in youtube.