Bondi Beach set to reopen for swimmers and surfers in Australia

9 thoughts on “Bondi Beach set to reopen for swimmers and surfers in Australia

    1. It seems that way because it IS. They’re pulling this garbage here in the US and a lot of people are more than likely going to die because of it. There’s way too many stupid people, all screaming about “MAH RIGHTS!” and/or claiming it’s a grand conspiracy etc.

    2. Of Legend I Am Born you don’t know a fucking thing. Yikes. Rights mean everything. You so full of bullshit propaganda your in fear. Hence the rash take. Wake up an read some independent journals in this virus. It’s bullshit. They are changing the death records an taking deaths from other illnesses an prematurely labeling them as covid. Then they don’t retract publicly

    3. Of Legend I Am Born you know why you replied to me with that comment. Lea look. Clearly your parroting mainstream information. Government tells you not to believe in crazy conspiracy stories. So you tell others that. You are conditioned an brainwashed.

      You think the government is here to give you a better life? It’s here to control you. ACCEPT REALITY OR FUCK OFF.

  1. This sounds like a nightmare.
    …. Do they not think people will congregate in the water and talk while swimming? That’s what’s happening in FL.
    You’re risking your lifeguards safety/health for people’s exercise preferences…There’s other exercise options.
    There’s going to be a flood of people into the area and checking IDs at the entrances to make sure they’re locals. (yes, they could do that and should do that to ensure that people aren’t bringing in the virus from other locations OR bringing the virus to another location that’s not being hit already.) That’s how you track the virus accurately. You’re opening up a huge transmission risk for Australia. Even if they are going into the water where will they eat, shower, change, go to the bathroom, are those services open in the area? You’re drawing people into what you called a hotspot. I don’t see this turning out well.

  2. A few days ago, Coles supermarket in Westfield Bondi Junction had a controlled queue with floor markers separating customers limiting the number of people entering the shop. On Tuesday this week, all restrictions had been removed, all entrances open, and It was close to impossible to keep a distance between the shoppers. At some point we will have to ease back into normal living, but it’s a hell of a problem knowing when and how to manage this.

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