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LGS Surf Lessons

By BondiTv | 12/10/2015

Australia’s Greatest Surf School on Australia’s Greatest Beaches! LGS Surf Lessons Views 590 likes 0 Dislikes 0 #bondi #BondiBeach

Bondi beach Surfing Sydney Australia

By BondiTv | 01/07/2015

Evening surf session on the North Bondi Beach. Bondi beach Surfing Sydney Australia Views 4718 likes 2 Dislikes 2 #bondi #BondiBeach

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

By BondiTv | 17/11/2014

Was interesting to watch how the surfing lessons at Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia Views 16 likes Dislikes #bondi #BondiBeach

Bondi 2014 Sculpture via the Sea Timelapse Highlights

By BondiTv | 07/11/2014

Views 5266 likes 3 Dislikes 3 Bondi 2014 Sculpture by the Sea Timelapse Highlights Sit back, relax and watch our full HD video highlights of this year’s exhibition courtesy of GCImagery #SxSbondi14

Bondi Beach Surfing – Thermal Imaging

By BondiTv | 17/10/2014

Surfers in thermal on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Shot with TiCAM 750LR Thermal Imaging Binoculars. Note the GPS coordinates at the end of the film and see how accurate they are compared to the Google Earth image. Bondi Beach Surfing – Thermal Imaging Views 424 likes Dislikes #bondi #BondiBeach

Learn to Surf in Sydney

By BondiTv | 05/05/2014

No visit to Australia is complete without hitting the Surf! We sent one of our staff members Katie on a weekend away with Rip Curl Surf Camp Australia. Here’s the end result… To view blog: Footage thanks to Surf Camp Australia @ripcurlsurfcampaus Learn to Surf in Sydney Views 241 likes Dislikes #bondi #BondiBeach