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Danger Rip Current: Instructional Guide

Views 288571 likes 42 Dislikes 42 Danger Rip Current: Instructional Guide Footage used on The Weather Channels show, So You Think You can Survive? Sunday Aug 17 2014 Rip Currents are one of the leading causes for deaths related to swimming in the ocean at the beach. Here is a basic look at what and…


Allan Levick, Bondi 1957

Views 2822 DisLikes 0 likes 5 Allan Levick, Bondi 1957 Rare footage by Vern Cooper of an Australian hollow mal (malibu) in action at Bondi Beach in 1957. These plywood boards were a local version, or ‘knock off’, of the balsawood and fibreglass boards first ridden in Australia in 1956 by a group of visiting…


A Surf contest with a twist – Bondi Rescue Season 7

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