6 Clues That The Human Soul ACTUALLY Exist!

Ever wonder what happens after death? Do we really have an immortal soul? Here are some clues that may prove the soul actually exist and we all have one.

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6 Clues That The Human Soul ACTUALLY Exist!

10 thoughts on “6 Clues That The Human Soul ACTUALLY Exist!

  1. So, last year I was in a coma for 10 days thanks to an extreme case of Pneumonia. While in my coma I had “dreams”. No, there wasn’t a bright light, nor some “Angel” to guide me to heaven. I had nightmares while I was asleep. One where I was standing near a big vat of green liquid standing staring at it at arms length. Now this whole experience was an “out of body” experience because I was always watching down upon myself. But, when I would try to move a little girl would walk from the front of the vat around to me, and proceed to laugh at me while slicing at my arm. I could tell this had been going on for a while because I had cuts all over my arms. In the end I had a total of four ” hellish” type of dreams and one dream that seemed different. This dream had me standing in a vat of water with a guy walking up to me and telling me no,nits not time yet. Now, the doctors tried to wake me up on 4 different occasions, and this happened four times. Three times with the same result. The last time the figure walked up, smiled and said its time. He then proceeded to cut this brace thing off my wrist, and all of a sudden I woke up… I can’t say if it was the medicine, or an actual experience but, I can never forget those dreams.

  2. Before hearing others “after life” experiences, My deceased mother communicated with me in a area that looked like heaven, telepathically. Now I’m hearing others communication experiences after life is Telepathically!

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