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Breaking News – Victoria Lee stunning at Bondi Beach

She’s the Australian model who recently made her debut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in China.And Victoria Lee was in a playful mood on Sunday when she took to the waves with brother Alex at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.The swimwear clung perfectly to her svelte figure  and allowed the model to flaunt her well-toned legs and shapely arms.She kept her long brunette locks tied in a pony tail, which wafted freely in the summery Sydney breeze.Victoria turned out to the beach in  a light grey V-necked shirt over her bikini and a pair of black shorts.She also wore a pair of black sneakers and accessorised with a pair of dark sunglasses.The 27-year-old exuded an effortless cool as she made her way to the sand carrying a white tote bag over her shoulder.She was soon joined by brother Alex, who looked every bit the casual beach Aussie in a plain white T-shirt and grey boardshorts, while carrying a backpack on his shoulders and a pair of trainers in his hand.It was soon time to hit the waves, however and the familial pair looked to be having a great time as they splashed around in the azure water.Both Victoria and Alex looked to be hamming it up and laughing freely while cooling off and working on their tans.While she is used to sporting stoic expressions of the catwalk, Victoria appeared happy to be able to let her guard down somewhat as she cavorted with Alex.With the pair sufficiently cooled off, they made their way out of the water and onto the golden Bondi sand.Both Victoria and Alex looked ‘tuckered out’ after their water-based activities.Making their way back to the beach’s pavilion, Victoria dried her locks by heartily squeezing her pony tail.Looking as though the dip was just what she needed, Victoria was seen to be beaming broadly as she left the beach, but not before hitting the outdoor shower to was off the salt water.There’s little denying that Victoria is sporting quite an enviable frame – one that is not attained without a strict regimen of diet and exercise.Speaking to Confidential recently, she gave an insight into what it takes to maintain such a svelte figure.She reveled to the publication that she exists on a high-protein diet while keeping fit with a series of dance-based exercise routines.The model added that motivation was the most important factor, and having a goal to work towards – like the Victoria’s Secret show, made it that much easier.’It’s great to have this motivation — I don’t think there could be better motivation that the Victoria’s Secret show — but then to be able to continue and feel in the best shape possible is fantastic,’ she told the publication.Victoria, also revealed to the publication that she was keen to branch out into other fields – citing a fellow Australian model as inspiration.’Elle Macpherson is such an inspiration,’Victoria admitted.She continued: ‘I think she’s gorgeous and has had an amazing career as a model and a businesswoman, and I’m definitely thinking about how I can expand my profile outside of modelling.’
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Breaking News – Victoria Lee stunning at Bondi Beach

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  1. Rodney O'Brien on 01/12/2017 at 9:50 pm

    You you got that wrong .Thats her cousin Tom.

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