Diggin’ Bondi Beach with KG & Ringy.

In the first outing of the ‘Diggers Down Under’ tour, we spend several hours on that Aussie Icon, Bondi Beach. Between six detectorists we recover more than 300 coins plus two silver rings and assorted jewellery. Tim ‘The Ringmaster’ Saylor alone hits a patch of more than 70 Spanish Euro coins. You never know what will turn up on a metal detecting outing! Thanks for watching and subscribing! www.nqexplorers.com www.garrettaustralia.com.au www.garrett.com www.anacondatreasure.com

10 thoughts on “Diggin’ Bondi Beach with KG & Ringy.

  1. Nice video. Excal II does great in the salty sand. Those detectors are good in the dirt I’m thinking. Down there take a gold detector out and look for some gold in the dirt

  2. Posto magnifico, ci sono stato e mi è piaciuto tantissimo!!! Gli Euro che avete trovato, potete venirli a spendere in Italia, magari ci facciamo una ricerca tutti insieme!! Buona ricerca a tutti e grazie per aver condiviso questo video. Ciao a tutti

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