Bondi Rescue Drone Video (FRED Surf Life Saving Drone)

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  1. deldridg on 20/01/2018 at 11:00 am

    Nice work Daniel. No doubt your hard work will result in the saving of many lives in the future. Frankly I think the drone had the upper. Had it been deployed at the time of sighting the distressed swimmer, you would have been there much earlier than the jet-ski. However, it’s more than that. No doubt a drone will cost a lot less to own and run than a jet-ski and they are operational on very few beaches. Then there is the possibility of autonomous lifesaving in the future.

    Some years ago I would have drowned when caught a long way out in heavy surf here in Sydney had it not been for a lone surfer who spotted me and paddled over to help. This was outside of lifesaving hours and perhaps a drone could be remotely piloted to assist, triggered by an alarm on a smartwatch in the future. How’s that for a future project mate? 🙂 Well done and cheers – Dave

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