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Stay Safe on Australian Beaches – English

The following video is to help you stay safe on Australian beaches. It has been designed by Professional Lifeguards to educate visitors on the most common issues they see and how to avoid them.
Stay safe in the water, get the right equipment, know the hazards, know what to look for, know what to do if you or someone else is in difficulty and respect the environment, others and yourself.

Filmed and Produced by – H.I.T Media Solutions



Stay Safe on Australian Beaches – English

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  1. Arnold Arnois on 31/12/2016 at 8:12 am

    Did you know whether a beach considered by locals and tourists be the best or not in Australia it there will always be dangers like drinkers, trouble makers, thieves, drug users, racism and sexual predators.

    That is why Australian government and Law should make new laws for anyone to go to any beach in Australia one side of the beach be for woman and children as well parents and the other side for men only with life guards to make sure men are no parents if any child and not with a child be near a woman or child on any beach in Australia otherwise be warned by lifeguards orelse be given warning follow the new rules or be force to leave the beach by assistance of police if they do not.

    Even for couples of opposite sex ‘man and woman’ together without children be restricted to be together on beaches woman and children stay on one side also the other side of the beach be only men displaying signs prohibited access.

    Same for public toilets in these beach locations, there should toilets for woman and children only as well as for underage adults to use still there be male and female toilets but only parents ‘father or mother’ not allowed uncles or male friends of the parents allowed to be in these toilet not men. There should be new toilets built for only men seperated from female toilets and toilets for underage adults.

    This is what the Australian community and media would approve a safe Australia to make sure all men not parents and not be allowed to be near any woman or child even the woman be their partner.

    Not allowed to be near them whether to sit, stand, talk, look and touch them.

    There should be no male cleaner cleaning toilets for woman and toilets for underage adults only female cleaners. Male cleaners can only clean toilets for men.

    When will Australian government and Law in Australia make these new laws for recreational parks and beaches restrict men are not parents with children to access these places like beaches and park?

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