Bondi Junction Tram Early 1950’s

13 thoughts on “Bondi Junction Tram Early 1950’s

  1. 1:48
    I remember those little huts atop poles with retractable ladders running to them.
    I had a tree that I climed in my street and I thought that those bus monitoring offices/boxes were play-things for adults, whom I was scared of.

  2. Would be filmed in the early 1960s, just prior to closing of the Bondi and Bronte lines. The Bronte terminus has already been converted to allow use by buses, and the North Bondi terminus is being filled in.

  3. My grandfather was a Tram driver and I remember going on a Tram with my mother when I was only four years old. My grandmother lived in Roland Ave, just up from the tunnel at Bondi. After the Trams stopped operating, we used to walk through the tunnel as a short cut to the beach. I knew that there were no more Trams, but walking through the tunnel, I imagined a Tram coming and I would be so glad to see the end of the tunnel. My paternal grandfather worked on the Trams also but tragically was knocked down and killed by a Tram in Broadway, leaving his wife and four children, including my Dad. They did it extremely tough after that.

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