Learn how to make a diamond kite – Festival of the Winds 2020

Even though we can’t fly a kite at Festival of the Winds this year, we can still make a kite and fly it at home! Let your imagination run wild. Flying a kite is not just for kids.??

Materials needed:
– 1 x brown paper 80cm x 70cm or bright wrapping paper
– 1 x 6mm dowel 65cm long
– 1 x 4mm dowel 55cm long – these dowels can be different lengths
– String to make the kite and string to fly the kite
– Ribbons or strips of paper for tails
– Tape – sticky tape or masking tape
– Something to make a handle for the string – could be a plastic bottle or cardboard or even a stick
– Scissors
– Saw blade or hack saw
– Darning needle
– Ruler & pencil

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