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  1. i didn’t think it looked very good for a double burger ?? no tomato, no cheese, no bacon, no cucumber, no gurkin, a bit of a let down

  2. I love Oporto’s, I usually get hot chilli sauce on it, and I get a triple Bondi honestly. I pretty much go with the mentality of ”what would I usually get from Nando’s? I’ll get the Oporto’s equivalent” lol

  3. You definitely need the chili sauce IMO, adds so much. I do quite like this burger as the bread and sauces are perfect! It is also quite a bit more fresh then other places.

  4. Let me break down what was wrong with this video. First of all, the description of the video containing ingredients was just sapped from Oporto’s own site – check for yourself – albeit the part about Oporto’s sauce being “legendary” (just to look like he was surely the first to ever think of creative marketing without stepping on any toes). Secondly, (although I noticed this prior to the first thing…) His burger did have cheese and you can clearly see it: first at 1:41 – 1:43 and then making himself seem retarded (even though he made the description above…) at 2:03 onward as he continues before you can finally see a glimpse of cheese again at 3:05 onwards. You can’t take this guy seriously on a general basis, yet now you know the legitimacy of his content as well, controversial maybe? (If anyone cared). Rest assured that you, if you are a frequent Oporto patron like myself, know more than this man about certain tastes (like citrus and spice on the chicken, really? ‘Caus I never noticed). That is why I analysed the video in such a way; I can’t let my 3 years of eating experience at Oporto’s go to shit if I don’t correct someone’s stupidity and simply watch idly.

  5. A double bondi burger MUST have the chilli sauce otherwise it tastes plain. That WOW factor you speak of is the CHILLI sauce. So next time you order a bondi burger order it with chilli. Game changer for sure.

  6. I had an oporto two fillet burger once, and was about to complain that they had forgotten to put the chicken in. I ripped it apart, and it actually had two “fillets” in it, that could have been postage stamps. I hear good things about oportos, but Ill never go back.

  7. Hi Greg. You are a silly sausage. The Bondi burger is full of flavour. It has a special chilli sauce and does contain cheese. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it. I suspect you are a McDonald’s secret agent.

  8. Man do I wish I could get some Oporto here in the states. Miss it now and then. But the Bondi chili sauce is the real magic. Prego’s alright but the chili sauce is king!

  9. I’m sorry but I actually love the triple Bondi Burger with Chips. Personally I think there chips are amazing and Bondi burger for me is a good change to the usual KFC chicken.

  10. I’m sorry but I actually love the triple Bondi Burger with Chips. Personally I think there chips are amazing and Bondi burger for me is a good change to the usual KFC chicken.

  11. you’ve got it all wrong here. When you get a bondi burger you get the chilli sauce not the prego sauce. That was your first mistake.
    Secondly, the burger normally has cheese in it, which means that you probably got ripped off.
    It says it has cheese here if you don’t believe: https://www.oporto.com.au/menu/bondi-burger-triple-fillet/
    When you compare this burger to the McChicken from maccas or the zinger burger from KFC it is much better. You just had a bad day.

  12. Oporto used to be good but over the years it’s got worse and worse and the quality has gone downhill while the price has gone up. I got one of these last time I went there, it was so disappointing I have not been back since and that was nearly 4 years ago

  13. Everytime getting that is one of my favourite burgers. BUT YOU MUST have chesse and FORCE them to put extra mayo and extra chilli sauce. Avacado makes the burger better for a bigger bite and kills the acid. Pinapple is a good option for someone who likes something like a fruit and veg salad.
    It is a killer burger.

  14. I loved it here in Adelaide. Think I always asked for cheese. I absolutely loved the lean meat. Spewing you had this experience with them. The chilli sauce is awesome!

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