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IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: White House criminal group mounts Trump protection in Senate – 1/27/2020

IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: White House legal team mounts Trump defense in Senate – 1/27/2020 President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate resumes Monday as his legal team continues mounting a defense. The defense comes amid bombshell reports that the president told former National Security Adviser John Bolton that he wanted to withhold military aid…


Trump impeachment trial: Day 6

Trump impeachment trial: Day 6 U.S. President Donald Trump’s senate impeachment trial entered its sixth day. Monday’s presentation is expected to include appearances by Alan Dershowitz, who will argue that impeachable offences require criminal-like conduct, and Ken Starr, the independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Former…